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Was bedeutet porca madonna amore online canada

was bedeutet porca madonna amore online canada

(literally, "to have twisted testicles which means to be angry/in. Retrieved "Bestemmia" (in Italian). Mignotte ) mitta : same meaning of puttana ; according to some sources 22 it may be the contraction of the Latin matris ignotae of unknown mother where the note filius. Traduzione di "segone" in inglese,. "Sindaco di Novara bestemmia durante il consiglio comunale".


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Urban Dictionary: porca: Was bedeutet porca madonna amore online canada

Cinque espressioni del dialetto veneto intraducibili in italiano, article. Bestemmiare swearing is a misdemeanor in Italian law, but the law is seldom enforced. It may also translate as "faggot see entries below. Puttane ) puttana : whore, prostitute. Retrieved "The Nino Scalia Guide to Sicilian Hand Gestures". Boria means "arrogance boia means " executioner ". "go to shit is also used, "vai a dar via il culo" (lit. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1993. For instance, when Sonny Corleone found out that Paulie Gatto had sold out his father to the Barzinis, he called Gatto "that stronz. Bimbominkia : Stupid kid, especially referring to internet users. "God (is a) dog Dio merda, Dio bestia, Dio maiale, porco Gesù, Gesù cane, Madonna puttana, porco il Cristo Madonna slabbrata Madonna prostitua Dio legnetto Dio stronzo, Dio Fauss ( or Dio Fa more colloquially). Porca madosca, using madosca instead of Madonna, 57 where madosca means nothing and it sounds like a macaronic Russian version of Madonna. Sfigati ) literally means "without figa in English "without pussy". Fuori Pietro, Massimo e Matteo".

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